Inktober is an attempt to draw daily, from a prompt list, for the month of October and post your work on social media. Although I was not able complete the prompt list, 2019 was my most successful go at Inktober so far. I learned some things and produced some images that I was happy with. Below are the results of Inktober 2019.

Well, I became one of four “finalist” in the contest I entered. Now, the client has 12 days to pick one of us. In the meantime, I have been asked by the client to work on a design for the product package. I really don’t think I like this method of working. I haven’t invested much time at this point, but there is still the possibility that I will not get paid for any of it. Oh, well. It’s good exercise, either way. Here’s what I have presented to the client for the packaging.

I just remembered this illustration project that I started years ago with some friends from work. We wanted to focus on strengthening our creative muscles by designing something everyday. For our first project we decided to each illustrate the alphabet. I would give a daily design prompt that consisted of the letter of the day, 2 randomly generated words,, and a randomly generated color pallet, It wasn’t supposed to be a time consuming task, but I believe it became so for all of us. We didn’t keep at it for very long.

I want to revive the project for myself. It might be useful to have a fully illustrated alphabet in the files. To get started I am just dumping what I have already completed without the design prompt as an explanation for each one. Going forward, I plan to post only the design of the day along with the design prompt. Ready. Set. Go.

Here’s the original blog for the project:

This is the first contest I entered. There ended up being almost 300 designs submitted! The client wanted to incorporate a heart-beat line with something outdoorsy to represent their outdoor active wear. is a site that brings freelance designers and clients together from all over the world. I thought I would give the site a try, just to see what the process is like. If you don’t mind doing a bunch of work, in a hurry, without the guarantee of getting paid, it’s a pretty cool site. As a designer, you read the client’s brief and then submit designs to a “contest.” The client then picks the winner. I did not win the first contest I entered, but I am a “finalist” in the second one for Bumble Caps. The product is a medicine capsule filling device the will be sold on Amazon. The brief requested a cartoon-like blending of a capsule and a bumble bee. It’s great exercise, but I don’t think I will continue using the site. I need some guaranteed moolah.

It can be fun working for friends, especially when they know exactly what they want. This friend is selling baked goods in Utah. She wanted to incorporate a Bluebonnet and Indian Paintbrush flower into the logo design to represent her home state of Texas.